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Default Re: 6200: 128 or 256? -- or 512?

I'm an unhappy camper...

I have a home brew PC, Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard, Athlon P2400+ CPU, 1GB RAM (dual channel).

Operating system is Windows-XP Pro SP3 with all the current patches applied.

Originally, I had a Geforce MX-440 video card. Slow as snails but it worked as long as you didn't mind 5 fps when you tried to play a game.

But after years of abuse, I had it substantially overclocked with no additional cooling, and it finally gave up the ghost.

So looking for an AGP replacement because I have an AGP slot on the motherboard and can't afford to replace it with PCIE right now, I found only a couple of choices locally. Having been happy with Asus and Nvidia products, I bought the Nvidia option, the only one that Frys had, for AGP, a EVGA 6200.

I'm having problems finding drivers that work. New drivers have some weird bug where periodically the video freezes and the new drivers will not overclock, at all.

Older drivers don't have the video freeze bug and will overclock but they have a bug where occasionally the machine will bluescreen with paging unpagable area in nv_disp.dll.

So it appears that I am stuck with video that either periodically freezes and poor performance, or bluescreens. What a wonderful choice.
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