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Originally posted by Behemoth
there seem to be some missing details from textures too, such as those in red circles.
fivefeet8, i dont have access to my PC until the end of this month so i cant give you some rustatorium screenshots anytime soon. what kind of performance are you getting on rustatorium? flavius reported very low fps on that map with 5900.
That's sorta nitpicking, but I'd say the loss of the full scene fog is the culprit. And I was wrong before. Setting the "world detail" to highest only affects the fog emminating from the central light. The full scene fog is suppose to be there all the time with any setting.

As for Rustatorium, with the 51.75's I'm getting very high FPS. Check out these comparison shots:

The most affected seems to be the fog in Icetomb, while everything else seems the same but running at much higher FPS.
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