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Default Re: Quick question: Should this card support 1920x1080?

Originally Posted by thefirstm View Post
When I click the link, I get an error saying that the product does not exist. However, I see "FX5200" in the link.
oops, i added a "t" the URL by accident. I fixed it.

Originally Posted by thefirstm View Post
I just want to warn you that any pre-GeForce6-series Nvidia card on Linux and any card at all running with a pre-180 series driver will have genuinely horrible 2D performance, especially at that kind of resolution. Optimally, a GeForce 8 series or better is necessary for good 2D performance in Linux on a display that large.
Unfortunately the motherboard im working with only has AGP. It looks like this will be a better bet: It's labeled as an HD card anyway, although I don't know if they only mean 1280x720.
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