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Originally posted by gmontem
I'm sure many of us don't care about 3DMark03 unless FutureMark tells us in detail exactly what happened between them and NVIDIA that caused FutureMark to reconsider. Me thinks there was a large sum of money involved.
Caused them to reconsider what?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Even if Futuremark retracted "cheat" NVIDIA's optimizations were still not legal...albeit I don't think this was evident to most people. I think most people believed Futuremark changed its classification from cheat -> (legal) optimization.

The announcement should be interesting to say the least. If Futuremark sticks to their guns and doesn't allow application specific optimizations then it will be even mroe interesting to see how/if Futuremark enforces their regulations. Since the 330 patch NVIDIA has had free reign over what it does to 3dmark03.
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