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Default Re: Quick question: Should this card support 1920x1080?

Originally Posted by deubert26 View Post
Quick question: Should this card support 1920x1080 (through DVI)?

I read in a really old customer review that it didn't on windows but I wasn't sure if it's different with the new drivers and linux. I realize you can't say for sure because MSI makes the actual card but just give me your best guess so I know if it's worth the $20 to risk it. I really need a nvidia low-profile AGP DVI video card that can do 1920x1080.
Until recently, I used a Geforce 4 MX 440 with 1920x1200, so I don't think the resolution will be a problem.
You should also consider a new PCI card if your system does not support PCIe, they also support VDPAU.

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