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Default Re: Zeno Clash Official Thread

This game is REALLY cool.

The combat works pretty well overall, though the lock-on thing can be a little irritating when you get surrounded and you just want to run. The gameplay overall reminds me of a mix of Chronicles of Rid****, Dark Messiah and an old fashioned beat-em-up.

The setting is pretty awesome too. Its really crazy and weird but the important things are explained so things are still easy to understand overall. The story and dialog aren't exactly "deep" but there is enough there to give the game a point.

I'm not sure how many levels I've gone through just yet, but I'm probably around half way through the game. Its short, but that's ok. It was cheap and its actually fun. I'll probably just finish this tonight since I actually have some time.

Also, the visuals are great. They aren't cutting edge by any means but the game makes good use of the Source engine, it runs perfectly and it doesn't look like any other game I've played.
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