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Arrow Fujitsu Technology Solutions Celsius H270 users: please upgrade to >= 180.51

Please note that the NVIDIA 180.51 Linux graphics driver fixed an interaction problem that resulted in the corruption of the internal flatpanel's EDID on the Fujitsu Technology Solutions Celsius H270 notebook.

Using earlier NVIDIA Linux drivers on the Celsius H270 notebook will result in a corrupted EDID, a condition that will persist across reboots. If you encounter this problem on a Celsius H270 notebook, please contact Fujitsu Technology Solutions technical support to correct the EDID.

NVIDIA and Fujitsu recommend that all Linux Celsius H270 notebook users use NVIDIA Linux graphics drivers 180.51 or later, and that anyone repackaging a 180.xx NVIDIA Linux graphics driver upgrade to 180.51.

This interaction problem is also resolved in the 185.19 BETA and more recent 185.* driver releases.

Thank you,
Andy Ritger
NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver Engineer
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