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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

What's this about SSAO? How is that even possible with a tweaked ini?

Well in todays news A2A has published the MilViz F4U model as their first release in a new budget product line called Aircraft Factory.

The Aircraft Factory F4U Corsair Released
The Aircraft Factory has released its first aircraft, the F4U Corsair for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The Aircraft Factory is a brand new product line managed by A2A Simulations, which delivers solid products at a great price. The Aircraft Factory F4U Corsair can be directly downloaded for $24.99 and includes three models, the F4U-1A, F4U-1C, and the F4U-1D.

The Aircraft Factory F4U Corsair FEATURES
• The premier WWII Fighter in the Pacific Theater.
• F4U-1A, F4U-1C, and F4U-1D models included
• Full feature support with FSX Service Pack 2 or Acceleration
• Detailed aircraft with realistic texturing
• Classic radial-engine sounds inside and out
• Animated pilot looks around as you fly
• A2A / Shockwave 3D lights supported
• 3D instrumentation for smooth response
• Drop wing tanks remove both fuel and weight when released
• Under-wing rockets can be added or removed with a single click

“We have identified three different customers in our flight simulation community who are all are equally passionate about aircraft but for different reasons. One customer is looking for a very good product but price is critical to them, and this is what Aircraft Factory delivers. The next customer demands that their aircraft be created by the book, and this is our long time Wings of POWER / SILVER customer. The final customer is the one who wants an aircraft that is created with extreme depth into all of the internal systems and engine management, and this is what our Accu-Sim line delivers. However, all of these customers share one thing in common; they all love to fly beautiful aircraft. We’re all excited about the Aircraft Factory F4U Corsair and all of the existing products in development,” said Lewis Bloomfield of A2A Simulations Inc.


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