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Originally Posted by technoid View Post
My sister in law wants a new Sony HDTV that doesn't have a headphone jack, is there a way for her to use her headphones on it? The only audio out jacks I seen was the fixed output so she'd need some kind of small amplifier. Is there such a thing as a low cost small headphone amp? She's using it in a small bedroom so a normal stereo amp isn't an option. It needs to be small. She currently uses a 20 ft extension cable and watches TV on the other side of the bedroom at night. She works nights and doesn't want to distrub anyone. Also is there usually a way in the menu to turn off the speakers? I'll have to go back to best buy and look for that.
Lots of headphone amps out there:

My old rear projection HDTV had the ability to change the output volume or fix it, and you could also turn off the speakers. Features will vary with the model, though.

Also what does a normal DVD player look like on an HDTV? How about a VCR for that matter?
Ehh, doesn't look so great tbh. You may want to get an Upconvert DVD player. They're really cheap nowadays and many have HDMI output.

Read up on this:

The VCR output will probably look about the same as the DVD if the tape is in good shape lol.

It seems the Sony she's looking at wants you to use the connections on the Side to connect a VCR to it, yeah I know VCRs are dead... but we both still watch them. Neither of us has went HDTV yet so we're looking at all the options since we just got FIOS installed. I'm retired now and want to keep using my DVD/VCR Combo to watch what we have, so I'm really worried what they'll look like on the Sony KDL-32S5100.

Any advice on brands or models are welcome too. We both like the new Sony 32 inch for our bedrooms. That's the KDL-32S5100 1080p or maybe the lower cost KDL-32L5000 720p. So any advice is welcome since I don't know much about HDTV.
Unless you're going to be playing Blu-Ray's or gaming on it (PC or console), then the 1080p isn't really necessary for your purposes. I'd save the cash and go with the 720p (720p will do 1080i btw).

Oh yeah, does anyone know what HDTV format Verizon FIOS uses, 1080p, 1080i, or 720p. Like I said... I don't know much about it. I'm the odd guy, a DVD still looks fine to me But yes, HD does look better.
Typically broadcast signals are carried in 1080i. That's what Time Warner carries in my area. Also, HDTV over the air will be 1080i.
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