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Default Re: Dual screen - different screensavers

Originally Posted by rockerduck View Post
I run 8.10 intrepid with nvidia 177 drivers configured (8400gs) on two screens.
In my 17" (first) screen I run normal applications while in my 32" tv (second screen) runs xbmc mediacenter fullscreen.
When gnome screensaver starts it works on the two screens... is there a way to avoid that?
Is there a way to let the screensaver run only in the first screen and disable it in the second?
gnome-screensaver in Intrepid has a serious bug which causes to spike the CPU while playing videos and causes lots of jitters and judders. I would just kill it entirely until upgrading to the Gnome in Jaunty. But to answer your question, I am not aware of how to do what you want. You might want to ask at the Gnome forums.
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