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Default Re: 8200 (IGP) based motherboards not suitable for VDPAU?

There are two other things I noticed which might be affiliated with this problem:

- xrandr shows a display of 1280x720@50Hz. But it should be 1366x768@60Hz. It's a Samsung display with an HDMI input.

- XBMC runs in full screen. It renders at 30 FPS when VSYNC is enabled and the CPU isn't used.
When the CPU is at 100%, so that VDPAU runs fine then, XBMC renders at 60 FPS as it should. When VSYNC is disabled, it renders at higher rates.

So, bringing the CPU to 100% (even at 1.8GHz), will fix the VDPAU problem and XBMC renders correctly at 60 FPS.

This all might be connected to each other, but I still don't have an idea what this might be.

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