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Talking Fan Setting on EVGA Precision Utility?

I have a GTX 275 that I got today and I was wondering what I should set the fan speed to with the EVGA Precision Utility. The highest I can get my core/shader to run stable is 720/1596 MHz. I'm currently testing to see how high I can set the memory to but so far the memory is stable at 1280 MHz.

I had the fan set to auto but it never went past 40 and the temp was 81C. I raised it to just 50 and now the temp seems to be holding at 73C. I know I don't want to set the fan to 100%, it's too loud but what setting should I have it stay at?

If I set it to auto will it automatically just go faster when it gets too hot or should I keep it at a manual setting and again, if so what speed? Thanks!

Oh and what's a good temp for it to be at under full load? I'm testing the clocks using ATI Tool.
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