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Originally posted by Fotis
IMO cinefx is just something for coders and experts to talk about.
As a common player I just care about performance&IQ since I don't know when there will be a cinefx game.Features are good also.(doing something the other doesn't)
If nv30 has great performance with almost free fsaa&aniso it will have a place in my mobos warm AGP8x slot!!!
Well, what i'm saying is that while we got no idea what the real PERFORMANCE of the NV30 is, we still know a LOT about nVidia ambitions with it.

Free FSAA/Aniso? Maybe. But that's not part of the CineFX archtecture, and nV only gave info about that particuliar part of the NV3X GPUs. So, if you want to hope for that, do so.

But what i'm trying to do is making sure we get to know some things for sure with the little official information we got.

nVidia is actually hoping for CineFX games to come rather quickly - they're doing their best with Cg and sponsoring developers.

But no one knows if that strategy can work.

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