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Default Re: Faster ATI 9700 Coming?

Originally posted by sbp

Word came in from an anon emailer that has relations with some ATI folk that ATI will introduce a faster version of its 9700 chipset sometime around January.

Because TMSC has switched wafers to .13 micron ATI will be able to ramp up the clocks and use faster memory to cut short NVIDIA's NV30 right at launch. The emailer said ATI folk sounded 'optimistic' about this new version being as fast as NV30.

ATI already have the R300 core rolling so will be little design overhead where-as NVIDIA are busy trying to be in time for the Christmas rush.
Actually, i think this is VERY unlikely.

But there may be some trust here - a launch in January.

I'd guess it's the R350 paper launch. But if that's true, woah, ATI is getting real fast those days! But then again, we might have to wait until march/april for the real cards since they mostly want to spoil nVidia fun.

Oh, and did you note the fact that they are optimistic it'll be faster than the NV30? Great, now we actually got from some inside-ATI source that the R300 is slower than the NV30. LOL!

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