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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

Originally Posted by nkalkhof View Post
Please correct me if I'm wrong. But most of todays laptops are using MXM compatible GPU boards and to my knowledge the bios is on that board and not the motherboard. correct?
Nope. My 9650M GT (ASUS laptop) had its BIOS in the motherboard BIOS. I have opened my laptop and it looks like an MXM card (separate card with a slot, not on main motherboard).

At first I tried using nvflash and friends to read the video BIOS but those tools could not find it. I thought I couldn't touch it, until I read about folks using AMI BIOS tools to get it from the motherboard BIOS.

Note: I do not have Powermizer issues, but I did this to lower the stock speeds even lower. (169mhz to 150mhz)
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