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Default Re: nv driver with HP 30" not getting 2560x1600 - only 1280x800

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
That's strange. That doesn't sound like a relocatable binary problem, it sounds like your kernel sources are messed up but I'll have to defer to zander on that.
This is on a Gentoo hardened system.

You were right about the nv driver not initializing the card. I managed to get the nvidia driver to compile by going in the directory


and then changing part of the file to the following

            #if [ -f conftest$$ ]; then
            #    ./conftest$$ > /dev/null 2>&1
            #    if [ $? = "0" ]; then
            #    else
            #        SELECTED_MFILE=Makefile.nvidia
            #    fi
                rm -f conftest$$
#        else

            #if [ -f $MAKEFILE -a -f $CONFIG ]; then
                # This source tree is not configured, but includes
                # a Makefile and a .config file. If this is a 2.6
                # kernel older than 2.6.6, that's all we require to
                # build the module.
                #PATCHLEVEL=$(grep "^PATCHLEVEL =" $MAKEFILE | cut -d " " -f 3)
                #SUBLEVEL=$(grep "^SUBLEVEL =" $MAKEFILE | cut -d " " -f 3)

                #if [ -n "$PATCHLEVEL" -a $PATCHLEVEL -ge 6 \
                #        -a -n "$SUBLEVEL" -a $SUBLEVEL -le 5 ]; then
                #    SELECTED_MFILE=Makefile.kbuild
                #    RET=0
#        fi
then I did "make module"

That compiled the nvidia.ko module.
Next I copied the file
to the directory

Then insmod nvidia.ko
That allowed X to start at 2560x1600 resolution.

Then I did "rmmod nvidia" so that I could use the nv driver.

One problem remaining is that video looks blocky. Is that a problem with the nv driver or some problem with initializing the card?

Thanks for your suggestion.
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