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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

As the bloom/tone effect is dynamic and hard to pin down in SS i suggest you give it a try yourself after all all you need todo is download THIS (my tweaked ini version) unzip it to your fsx dir and start FSX

on once you start but shift+f12 will allow you to turn on/off and if you dont like it just delete the 3 files you unzipped and your back to normal

ive just use this hook to give me a slight contrast tightning to remove some of the hazyness i saw in the default rendering,its kinda like throwing your screenshot in PS and running Auto contrast,theres also slight bloom tweak in there to make coulds and the horizon around the sunset/sunrise blind a bit more,its very easy to OTT these effects but making small changes and not letting them get out of hand seems to be the best use of this for FSX

heres a quick compare



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