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Default Re: HDTV - New User Questions

Originally Posted by technoid View Post
I looked up the cable needed but the only audio output is fixed so there's no volume control, that's why the question about a headphone amp. I also looked for a headphone amp but didn't see one I liked so I thought I'd ask about it in-case someone had used one before they liked.

It looks like she can get a headphone output if she buys a Panasonic so she may look at one of those next, at least the specs for it says it had a headphone output.

I'm really concerned how the DVDs I have will look on an HDTV because I've heard SD material can look pretty bad on an HDTV.
Any decent upconvert DVD player will make the DVD's look just fine on an HDTV. If you get a Blu-Ray player I highly recommend going with the 1080p set though.
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