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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 275, 285 or 295" thread

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
You got rid of a 295GTX and went back to a 9600GT?! Because you could be arsed to figure out the drivers and support apps?

You're good value weaver.
It was absolute schite, one of my worst purchases ever. Dont be a moralising faggot and suggest that I didnt figure out drivers. I did all the drivers etc, managed the settings.

I got rid of it because:

1: It shat out tons of heat. The damn thing was a furnace
2: It was SOOOOOO damn noisy. My pc is nigh silent and the GTX 295 was incredibly noisy, especially when it revved up occasionally.
3: It did not impress me with its speed. Whilst games ran "well", it did not justify its price tag for the annoyance it caused me. This 9600GT whilst not "Teh most pwrful in teh world" puffs along nicely doing what I need it to do. I havent tried crysis on it, and to be quite honest for the 330 I saved, im not missing it .

If I was so inclined I would buy an xbox 360 and nintendo wii along with some games. Hell I could buy a decent enough laptop.

Funnily enough, ive donated the money to charity. Some little coloured kid will have something to eat instead of my fps.
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