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Originally Posted by technoid View Post
Thanks... I'll look into the Upconvert DVD players. It seems like I remember reading when they first came out that they didn't do much? Have you seen one in action? Or better yet used one? I'm also considering looking into a Blu-Ray player, but of course being retired you have to watch your expenses pretty close. Do you have some favorite brands for the Blu-Ray?
My dad has a Sony Blu-Ray player (Sony BDP-S550) and I am pretty sure it upconverts too cause DVD's on it look incredible. He has another cheap upconverter and it does an OK job, but the Sony player is amazing.
One of our problems is, being old and retired... so we don't like that much of the new stuff so I'm not sure a Blu-Ray will be good for us. Are the Blu-Ray discs of older material good, or just a re-hashed not that good reproduction?
Well, the real improvement is that the image quality is amazing. Besides that, some have more features, but it's pretty much just the movie.
I need to go back to Best Buy and look at the Sony we like again, because if you can see the cables connected to the side panel inputs from the front of the TV I'd hate that. I don't want to see anything from the front of the TV.

Is it just me, or does a lot of people hate the Gloss Black frames? It just seems stupid to me to have a Gloss Black frame on something you watch all the time. I've worked as several things in my life and one of them was an engineer, and a Gloss Black frame seems brain dead to me. OPPs... I gave an opinon... I'll definitely loose the Pageant for that outburst.
My TV has a glossy black frame

It's not that bad, just need to dust it to keep it clean.
I called FIOS support today and ask them what HD format they used, and of course he said they sent what the source material was in, 1080i or 720p. But he did say I could set some soft switch in the HD set top box to force an HD mode but what he said was too confusing to understand. So when I asked another question he said to call back once we had an HDTV and wanted to switch the modes because it was complicated and had to be done with the box off... or off-line maybe... I couldn't understand for sure so I gave up. I'll call and talk to someone else and see if I can get a straight answer, because this is stuff I need to know before I buy a HDTV... not after it
That's a nice feature. I can only get 1080i from Time Warner. Also fwiw, 720p will look about the same as 1080i. But 720p is actually a higher resolution. (720 lines progressive scan vs. 1080 lines interlaced)

OPPs... forgot something. You said to get a 1080p Blu-Ray player, so does that mean all the output from it would be in 1080p? Or does the source material control it somewhat?
Well, I think it will output at 1080p, but only Blu-Ray's will take advantage of it. DVD's are filmed in 720x480 resolution (or something close to that) so although the player will output 1080p, the picture quality is only as good as the DVD resolution.
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