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Default Re: nvLock: client timed out, taking the lock

(I can't see an attachment on my previous post! I thought I attached this nvidia-bug-report.log but obviously something went wrong. I'll have another go.)

I get this error while trying to run an OpenGL/XvMC application I've been developing. Up until today I've only ever seen it while I've been using it in live situations - in a stripped down configuration with nothing else running other than the X server and a couple of xterms, syslogd/klogd, basic system stuff like that.

Today I managed to catch it in a more normal desktop configuration where I also had Firefox, Thunderbird and XEmacs running. I don't think there were any other OpenGL clients running at the time.

The app itself has 3 threads, one of which calls OpenGL functions, one calls XvMC functions, and the third runs the user interface (GTK) which as far as I know doesn't touch OpenGL at all.

Edited to add: I don't see any kind of instability or other problems associated with this message. Forcibly breaking a lock is risky, but it doesn't seem to be having any long-term harmful effects on my app. Certainly none of my threads are locking up permanently.
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