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Originally Posted by technoid View Post
Thanks again. I really appreciate the time you've given me. I'll let you know if I get anymore info on the force HD mode switch they told me about.

I guess I'll comment on one more thing I've looked it. The 60 vs 120 hz feature. I haven't seen it on a Blu-Ray movie just the loop played at Best Buy, but it seems to make the foreground look detached from the background at times. I guess that's what some call it looking 3D. At first I liked it, but after I went back I decided I didn't care for it. So I guess it's a 1080p 60hz set for me. Of course I'd like to see the Jutter on a 24p Blu-Ray disc on both but I guess that isn't going to happen. The 3:3 pulldown and 5:5 pulldown issue may be un-resolved until after I get the set... too bad.

To be honest... If I had a brain, and decided to stick with DVDs I'd probably be better off saving some money and getting the next model down SONY that's 720p and 200 bucks cheaper.

That foreground background detachment thing is actually the "True Motion" feature that tries to smooth out the frames. It actually decreases picture quality slightly. My TV is 120Hz and I don't use the True Motion at all, except for sports games where I keep it on low.

The only real benefit with 120Hz imo is the 24p, which I have enabled on my PS3 for my BD's. Honestly, I can't tell that much of a difference. But the picture is amazing and it's very smooth.

If you have the cash, check out the TV in my sig. I got it for $1400 at Best Buy. It's an LG 42LH40. I love it.
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