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Default Re: HDTV - New User Questions

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
That foreground background detachment thing is actually the "True Motion" feature that tries to smooth out the frames. It actually decreases picture quality slightly. My TV is 120Hz and I don't use the True Motion at all, except for sports games where I keep it on low.
Yeah... I know it's actually MotionFlow. I read a bunch of stuff on the AVS forums about it, but I forgot to mention that part. I suppose if I turned the MotionFlow off or to low I might like that set then. But if you say there's not really that much difference I believe you.

The only real benefit with 120Hz imo is the 24p, which I have enabled on my PS3 for my BD's. Honestly, I can't tell that much of a difference. But the picture is amazing and it's very smooth.
Yes, the picture quality on the newest 1080p LCDs is very good and a great deal better than it was a couple of years ago. Of course they weren't 1080p then but I'm just talking about how much better the image looks now. I think the SONY KDL-32S5100 is probably the one we'll end up getting. I looked at it again tonight and I really like how much you can view the image from horz and vert angles. Most of the other LCDs I looked at started looking different if I bent down quite a bit, and we want to sit the new TV on top of a chest in our bedroom. I might end up having to get something else for that area to lower the TV though.

To me most of the sets a couple of years ago looked like a water coloring book, very few of them looked natural. Now all of the top sets look very good, some better than others, but all are very good these days.

If you have the cash, check out the TV in my sig. I got it for $1400 at Best Buy. It's an LG 42LH40. I love it.
I'll take a look at it the next time I'm in Best Buy. I might have seen it already but I don't remember the model numbers. I looked at a lot of LGs and SAMSUNGs, both are very good too.

I looked at several Blu-Ray players and some Upconvert DVDs too. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing there. I'll most likely try out my current DVD and see what it looks like first. But thanks for all the info on them so I know more about what to look at.

Boy, moving from an old SD TV to a new HD setup can get expensive
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