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Default IGP 8200 and Vizio VO22L HDTV HDMI Messed Up

I have a Vizio VO22L HDTV whose native resolution 720p (1280x720) over HDMI. I have mythbox built on a M3N78-VM motherboard with an integrated 8200 nvidia card. Using HDMI out on the board worked on the 173 driver, but hasn't worked on any other driver since then (including 180.51). On any driver > 173, the hdmi output looks like it has dropped to about 256 colors and the resolution that is output is slightly too big (I forget the exact number but maybe 1400x900). 1280X720 isn't even an option in nvidia-settings. I have also tried with a DVI->HDMI cable using the DVI-OUT on the board, but the same problem exists.

Fortunately, the TV also has a VGA input and the VGA out on the board works good, at a native 1680x1050 resolution. So, I am not totally screwed, but I'd like to get the HDMI to work; partly because I may switch TVs and partly because I think 1280x720 may have better performance with fullscreen flash videos.

I am not sure if the problem is with card or with the drivers recognition of the TV (nvidia-settings does recognize the TV model but still gives wrong resolution).

Can anyone at nvidia or on the forum help?
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