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Default Re: Remote Access + Hardware acceleration

Originally Posted by bdmw1 View Post
The major problem I have with VNC (or other similar program) is that it doesn't allow multiple user logon.
Please note that every user can start it's own vncserver in background:

1. Login to the development server i.e. using ssh and type
vncserver -depth 24 :1
You will be asked for a password.

2. On the client, type:
vncviewer <serverip>:1
And type in the password.

3. To shutdown the vncserver, type
vncserver -kill :1
Please note that every user has to use a different unique display number
(":2", ":3", etc.)

Video playback worksnot too bad (VLC on Fedora 10) for small videos, but is
not very smooth for 720p material (maybe 10 fps). BTW: no special VirtualGL
required for this


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