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Default Can't start X server in Mandriva KDE 2009

I installed my updated kernal, downloaded the most recent nvidia driver, backed up my xorg.conf file and then hit control + alt + F1 to bring up the terminal, logged on as root, stopped the x server (service dm stop), changed to the directory where my driver was, and typed in: sh

For the first time, the install went all the way to completion without any errors. I was excited. I then typed 'service dm start' and.... nothing. Reboot... right back to the prompt. Logged on as root, navigated to my xorg.conf backup and restored it. Reboot... back to the prompt.

So my question is... it appears that installing this driver has me using something other than my xorg.conf? If so, how do I start the new x server or can I? Or is there away to remove the driver and go back to my old xorg.conf?

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