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Default Re: nvLock: client timed out, taking the lock

Actually it looks like this won't be necessary.

I realised that when I caught the bug yesterday, I didn't actually have any video files playing (ie no XvMC pbuffer rendering going on) and so there wasn't any reason not to re-test it with the latest driver.

It's now been running for about 3 hours with driver 180.53 and a test script randomly moving windows around, and I haven't seen the lock message once. So I think it's very likely that the problem has already been fixed in the latest driver.

Sorry to waste your time!

Unfortunately 180.53 isn't much use to me in practice because of the memory leak I reported a few weeks ago - but since this lock problem isn't a major show stopper I'm happy to keep using 177.70.29 for now.
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