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Default Which notebooks do NOT have a powermizer or black terminal problem

There are a lot of reports of people with powermizer problems with notebooks with mobile nvidia chips in the 9xxxm series. (9600m GS, 9600m GT, 9800m GTX, and so on)

But there are also some reports of notebooks with nvidia cards in the 9xxxxm range which actually do work OK.

So if powermizer on your card works OK, please reply and attach a nvidia-bugreport.

How do I know if powermizer works OK.
start nvidia-settings and go to the GPU-0/Powermizer tab
It should show you which performance levels you card supports.
There an be 1, 2, 3 or 4 performance levels.

When you are not doing any 3D work, the lowest performance levels (level 0) should be active.
If it stays at a higher performance level you have a "stays high powermizer problem"

Now start a 3D application (glxgears will do).
The highest performance should become active.

If it stays at one of the lower performance levels, you have a "stays low powermizer problem"

The powermizer problem seems to coincide for a lot of people with the black or blank terminal problem.
If you switch to a console by pressing CTRL-ALT-F1 you should get a working text console.
If the screen stays black, even after pressing a few keys then you have a "black terminal problem"
There seems to be two variants of this:
variant 1 Screen is totally black (backlight is off)
variant 2 Screen is very dark gray (backlight is on, but no text is displayed)

If you have none of the above problems, consider yourself lucky.

But please take the time to reply to this thread with the brand and exact modelname of your laptop and a nvidia-bugreport.

Example below:

Notebook Brand: Acer
Notebook modelname: Aspire 6930G-734G32Bn
nvidia card: 9600m GS with 512 MB DDR2 memory

Has powermizer problem: No/stays low/stays high/other
Has black terminal problem: No/variant1/variant2/other

I would like bugreports from people who do NOT have at least one of the two problems, but do have a nvidia card in the 9xxxxm series in their notebook.

If you do have both problems please reply instead to the
"180.11 powermizer still broken" thread at

You could add more information like below but this should already be inside nvidia-bugreport:
nvidia driver version: 180.53
linux variant: Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10
kernel: x86_64
nvidia VideoBIOS: 62.94.3c.00.17

Thanks in advance
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