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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 275, 285 or 295" thread

Originally Posted by wysiwyg View Post
i hated my GTX295 at first. it was slightly stuttery in many games but mainly GTA IV

that was in XP as well. then i installed Vista and its performance increased loads.

so it must have been the fresh install of the drivers that was the cure along with the OS. i love it now. granted it does get very warm and the dvi ports get hot enough to cook on.

i also have a 9600gt which i got for 50 on ebay and use that for physx only. i had tried it on its own and its a great card but now where near the powehouse of the 295

crysis cannot be ran maxed out on the 9600, on the 295 it can at 1920x1200

i also used witht he previous Q6600 and it was fast with that too. but with the i7 it does seem to be an improvement

Thats cool dude. I only ram it on vista x64 so that may have been why it was slow. The stuttering really got to me. Im not sure if its the dreaded micro stuttering that everyone talks about, but the games no matter how well they ran never felt smooth to me. The 9600GT obviously isnt as fast, but to be honest, considering the price increase.......

Bring on the GT300
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