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Default Re: powermizer feature-request

This request is more then a year old.
At that time powermizer was already problematic for some time.

So how about it.
Could we please have a manual powermizer control.
Just put a checkbox and a slider in nvidia-settings.

Please make us happy.
You will be rewarded with millions of nice thoughts and warm feelings.
You're life will be more rewarding.
The sun will start shining.
You will probably get a raise and also win the lottery.
And everyone will love you, more then you can imagine.

Not to mention all the free publicity from all those "linux geeks" which start recommending nvidia again to their "windows using" friends and family who come always for advise to them about what hardware to buy.
(They also get free operating system advise, but that tends to be ignored more often then the hardware advise)
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