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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

Originally Posted by nldudok1 View Post
Do any of the linux based videobios dump tools work for you in that case.
The dd method seemed to work. I looked at the contents of the resulting file and it had a nVidia BIOS version and other info.

Does your laptop also not have the black terminal problem?

I am interested in the exact modelnames and a bugreports of laptops which do NOT have the powermizer problems (but do have a 9xxxm card)
I started a new thread for that. Could you please post a reply there.
I don't have any issues starting with 185.xx. I used to have an occasional graphics glitch where I'd have to restart X in 180.xx but that's since disappeared. Suspend works, powermizer functions correctly, and it's generally overall good.
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