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Default Re: Can't start X server in Mandriva KDE 2009

carrying on a conversation with myself, I know... but in case someone wants to see how this all shook out:

got dual monitors finally working with my nvidia 6200 card on my athlon 3200 system running mandriva kde 2009

I initially had the problem where my kernel and nvidia driver weren't the same version, I looked at my kernel packages and didn't see 180.51 so I found the 180.44 nvidia driver on their site and downloaded it and installed it.

I then ran the Nvidia X server settings program found in the tools menu and configured my second display. I had problems where every time I restarted, all my settings had to be setup again in this applet. When I tried to save from the nvidia settings panel to the xorg.conf file, it crashed the program until I moved the xorg.conf file and the program popped up a box asking me to name a file name. It also allowed me to see what it was going to paste in the file, so I just copied it out of that window, into my xorg.conf and rebooted and now everything is perfect!

Phew.... this has been a trying couple of weeks getting this to work. Too bad I'll probably never even use it since this is a tri boot system and I think I like my mac boot better... but it's close, this mandriva is nice.
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