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Question 9600M GT won't throttle up under load

hello folks,

first of all, this topic is already discussed on this board but I'd like to open an new thread in a desperate hope that the nvidia support looks into it and gives us at least some information.

so far my laptop GPU won't throttle up the clock under load - 3D OpenGL or 1080i VDPAU. Powermizer shows only Level 1 ist used (275 MHz GPU and 300 MHz memory). Performance Mode is shown "Maximum Performance" under Load. Higher levels are NEVER reached - no matter what I do! I've experienced this issue with every driver starting from 177.xx up to latest beta 185.xx. This problem makes 1080i h264 playback impossible and 3D Games are running horribly show as well.

further more my screen turns black after dropping back from X (ctrl+alt+f1) but the system is still responsive. after blindly typing "startx", the X server comes back up again. this problem might be related to the stuck performance levels as far as I've seen in all the other posts.

Bug report is attached.

@NVIDIA Devs: PLEASE, PLEASE give us some information about this issue - even if you have no clue what may cause the problem then please tell us! I'll be glad to offer any assistance I can give (dumping video BIOS, etc.) and I'm sure others will also. Don't leave us in the dark - PLEASE.

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