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Default Re: Remote Access + Hardware acceleration

Bernhard, thanks for your tips on VNC. I could give it a try. However, from my experience, VNC is much slower than NX. As a developer, we can't tolerate any lag (at least when video is not running), that's why we choose NX instead.

Stephen, I don't know if NX is a replacement of X. I will try to find out.

junksiu, all machines, 3 developer's client machines and 1 server machine, are on the same LAN. Basically, all developers will NOT keep a copy of the source code on their local clients. I want to setup an environment where they could use a remote access software (Now my choice is NX since its response time is excellent), to log on to the common server to do their development.

The problem I have is that my program makes use of the VDPAU to perform video decoding. What I found is that when using remote access, I can't run the program anymore on the client machine (Nothing about performance, my program won't even started). One solution I could thought of is that I can copy the final executable to the client machine and execute the program from there; however, it won't work because our developer need to debug the program.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am so stuck.
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