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No, all drivers I tested (=all releases and prereleases up to the current ones) still have this problem, which is known by nvidia developers for more than two months. They state they've filed a bug (and I think this means they're working on it), but this seems to take lots of time (or the list is so long that they didn't get to this bug yet). I'm still watching all new releases to see when this bug gets fixed and I will post anything I know here.
Up to now, I know no workaround except restarting X, which is extremously annoying and in practice not better than having no workaround at all. Newer wine versions doesn't help, too (I've tried all 1.1.13 - 1.1.19).
I hope the nvidia developers will fix it soon...

P.S.: I'll probably also try out the beta release (185.18.04), but there is no hint in the changelog that it has been fixed so I don't belive it will work.
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