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Default Re: Which notebooks do NOT have a powermizer or black terminal problem

Originally Posted by DrSuSE View Post
Gateway 7805u-FX w/ 9800M GTS
One question to people, though... is there any way to make the vterm display on your external monitor instead of the laptop LCD? The laptop is closed 99% of the time as it is on my desk connected to an external LCD.
"When switching away from X to a virtual terminal, the VGA console will always be restored to the display device on which it was present when X was started. Similarly, when switching back into X, the same display device configuration will be used as when you switched away, regardless of what display change hotkey activity occurred while the virtual terminal was active."


Some notebooks have BIOS settings for those things as well, but I don't know whether they still work when the nvidia driver is loaded. As I have no external display at hand I can't test, sorry.

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