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Default Re: Windows 7 Build 7100 RC Leaked

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
Can I install over top of 7000 or would a fresh install be the only option?

7000 is getting kind of long in the tooth and has a few annoying quirks that I'm tired of.

PidginPortable takes forever to load and hangs on exit. UAC quirkiness with gadgetry. Takes forever to read a folder sometimes. Has hickups when accessing my new terabyte drive that replaced a 320 as storage (not OS). A few more issues I can't think of right now.
The RC branch SHOULD need a reformat. They arent supposed to allow upgrades on them. I clean installed mine, always do though.

Pidgin works fine, not using portable though. UAC has been improved though the betas, I was using 7077 last. Sounds like you are definitely ready for 7100

I think the only outstanding issue I have is Punkbuster which Even Balance refuses to address till RTM - aholes!
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