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Default Re: Video Haltiness Multiple Times/Second

Originally Posted by Quantumstate View Post
The 185 driver is a little better and gets me past the bad spot, but this particular clip seems to be pretty bad. It had several subsequent halty spots, with mythfrontend running one core at 11%, but then came to a point where it just halted in-frame. Right now my two cores are running at 60% and the picture is frozen.

I don't have a way to trim down this transport stream, as avidemux can't handle a Dish transport stream. It is 482MB, which would take me 6 hours to upload. Is there another option?
Does the mythtv editor trim it out? I've never used it but you can do loss-less commercial removal. Just manually mark everything but the clip as a commercial and edit it out.

Not sure if the mythtv editor works the same way as avidemux though...
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