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Default Re: Video Haltiness Multiple Times/Second

I've tried this clip with MPlayer, using ffmpeg SW decoding, and VPDAU with both types of video HW we support. Here's what I see:

1) There are a couple points in the clip where the video will freeze for a second or so and/or be corrupted for that time or a short duration after. This is essentially identical across SW decoding and both HW types, and in a repeatable/consistent place in the stream.

2) On G86 VDPAU specifically, I additionally see lots of small pauses and/or inconsistent delivery.

I specifically have no observed any permanent hang, or VDPAU causing any X or system hang.

Does this match what you're seeing?

I assume the issue you're reporting is specifically item (2). I believe item (1) is just corruption in the stream, so there's not much that could be done in VDPAU to fix it; SW decoding works just the same.
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