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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

Originally Posted by TheBlackCat View Post
Originally Posted by mooninite View Post
Don't get into the mind set of "NVIDIA MUST ACKNOWLEDGE ME" because it's meaningless. You are a single "Joe Schmoe" in the world, which as a corporation, nVidia could really care less about.
If this was just a problem for me, I would not be so concerned. But look at this thread, does it really look like I am the only one having a problem here?
At this very moment there are two threads in the top 5, concerning powermizer issues.

Right. Skip the sticky posts, and start counting. First comes 180.11 powermizer still broken started on December 4th 2008, and this thread here, started on February 19th. 8 pages and 6 pages respectively.

So here we are, almost 6 months and 210 disgruntled posts later, with nVidia not acknowledging us bunch of Joe Schmoes. The question is, what will these Joe Schmoes buy on the next hardware upgrade iteration for their companies, their geek-dependent friends, and themselves?
A bitter future former nVidia owner.
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