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Default Re: Video Haltiness Multiple Times/Second

Originally Posted by Quantumstate View Post
I am seeing the exact same thing in Myth as the Dog.

As I said above, I compile SVN.mythtv-fixes.20445 with the glvdpau.20405 patch. As I am about to ditch Ubuntu for Debian, I'm not about to go to the trouble of compiling mplayer or xine, and I never actually use them anyway. And as Ubuntu's package system is busted I can't install them, much less with VDPAU support. Myth is my entertainment system.

I don't know what else to do. This clip and numerous others of the same source, are unwatchable with VDPAU in Myth. And driver 185 is driving me crazy because over a couple hours it climbs to 100% CPU usage for X. I can't do with this, as I have to work.
I use Debian myself and have complied mythtv using the same patch and rev as you. I use xine for DVD's and downloaded video because I've never gotten good performance using the internal mythtv player for anything but atsc recordings.

I agree that it must be the ffmpeg used internally by myth...
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