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Originally posted by Behemoth
its too hard to see what have been changed in rustatorium with 51.75 by just judging from your SS, they are taken with too different positions. but i hope it is not another IQ compromising optimization. i am not too nitpicking on IQ, but you are going to get worrying performance on many siturations that are not optimized by nvidia.
I took them in generally the same place. The fps difference is considerable though. I was also trying to get shots of the light effects and see if there was a difference with them. Seems like those are haven't changed. Also the Pixel Shaded oil effects doesn't seem to be changed in any way as well. The shiny reflective metal in DM-Rustatorium also look the same as with the 45.23's. But of course it runs much faster now.

I don't think nvidia can optimize every game, but from my testing of these 51.75's, most of my PC games seems to be running noticeably faster. Some have gained as much as 15-20 fps from the previous 45.23's. Most noticeable in Need For Speed Hp2.
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