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Default X Server Will Not Let Me Change Frequencies

Ahoy. Currently sporting Ubuntu 8.10 with Nvidia card. I am having trouble changing the frequency of the card.

I recently decided to overclock my GeForce 7900 GS. I inserted Option "Coolbits" "1" into my xorg.conf file, restarted X, and logged back in. I was now able to OC my card. Unfortunetely, things started to get wierd. After about a 25MHz adjustment of my GPU and Memory via Nvidia X Server, the 3D first person shooter game froze at the menu background and did not load the menu. I managed to exit; then everything except my mouse was rendering VERY slowly. It was like Windows XP on 95 hardware.

So then I managed to reset my computer. After logging back into Ubuntu and doing the same thing in Nvidia X Server, the changes to the frequencies won't stick! I can move them, but when I press the "apply" button they revert back to original settings.

I would very much like to overclock my card if at all possible. I've followed directions I have found, I couldn't find any solutions. Any help appreciated.

(I've made a nvidia-bug-report.log if anyone wants to see it. I haven't posted yet because of spammyness but will per request.)

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