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Default Re: AMD Cpu's with VDPAU and IGP 8300 Framedrops on Driver 18.22

Nvidia 8300 mGPU (Asus M3N78 PRO)

This is interesting. I have exactly the same MB, and a similar problem. I have as well already updates the BIOS a few times, up to 801 now.
I had problems with Ubuntu 8.10 and likewise with 9.04 recently. So let's take it that we have to make with a wide-spread problem.

Interesting is, that the system doesn't actually freeze, it only looks like. I can ssh into it, and everything is fine, no high loads, and in the end I can shut down cleanly.
Then the actual bugs comes to light: Even when X shuts down, usually showing the logout messages, the ubuntu thermometer; in this case, the last, stuck, frozen, frame remains visible until the power goes off.
So it is actually a bug, that for one reason or another prevents refreshing of the frame buffer, which actually gets inaccessible by the driver. This can be a problem of the nvidia driver, or the nvidia hardware. In any case, Nvidia is the party to debug this.
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