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Default Re: Desktop Video corruption & VDPAU playback freeze w/180.44 and 185.19 on 8400GS

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
Is there any difference between this command line and the one in your earlier post where you added the (sadly incomplete) mplayer output?

These obviously only make sense with -speed 0.3 on a slow computer.
(Additionally, note that your command lines are identically for latest MPlayer svn, so either they do not make any difference, or you are testing an old version.)

Carl Eugen
The "video freeze" anomalous symptoms are the same between
mplayer -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau video.mp4
mplayer -vo vdpau -vc ffh264 video.mp4
I did not compare the output error messages in the bash shell. However the second mplayer command (with "ffh264" instead of "ffh264vdpau" ) plays the video VERY slow.

Apologies for any complete mplayer output. When the error appears, the bash shell gets flooded with the same error over and over again. I need to quickly press <CTRL><C> to stop the scrolling, else I miss the transition from proper execution (of the graphic card with vdpau) to where the error occurs. What part am I missing that you wish to see? This is not difficult to run again.

When I play the video with
mplayer video.mp4
the video plays even slower (audio is ok) and there is no freezing of the video. But of course the audio ends, and the video is still dragging on in slow motion.
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