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Default What you Linux kool aid makers don't understand


I got up this morning excited about installing Ubuntu 9.04. The Nvidia driver would not install. I followed the right procedure /admin/hardware drivers/ no luck tried to change desktop visual effects it timed out trying to install driver.

Please do not respond with a "simple" explanation of a workaround or tell me what I am doing wrong.
I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. I AM NOT SOME NEWB, I routinely edit the Windows registry, I know what a 'hive' is. I am trying to install the Nvidia drivers on a very normal mainstream system. I don't care any more about installing the GD driver. I will wait until this supposed easy to install version of Linux is fixed sometime in the next two decades. REPEAT AFTER ME, WE DON'T WANT A F-ing WORKAROUND WE WANT IT TO WORK>

I don't want to know how to disassemble my automatic transmission to drive to the F-ing store.

What is the point of beta version RC releases if a normal person with a normal PC can't get the F-ing piece of shxt to work.

Also what is the point of posting some "solution" and leaving out some key step, like type
STEP 3: Install
Type "sh" to install the driver.

and then conveniently leaving out some command about changing directories or whatever needs to be done prior to this command working. DIP-Shxt says, "Well everyone knows that......" Well DIP-shxt everyone doesn't know that do they, if everyone knew that then it would not be a problem?

It is as if you tell a person to move the manual shift lever in a car to the 1 postion and leave out the depress the clutch pedal instruction, and then when gears strip, you want to say"Well jeez, I thought you knew you had to press the clutch pedal" Well Mr. D-head if I needed to be told how to move the shift lever than did you ever think maybe I might not know I had to push the clutch pedal.
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