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Default Re: What you Linux kool aid makers don't understand

Originally Posted by zippy2 View Post

I got up this morning excited about installing Ubuntu 9.04. The Nvidia driver would not install. I followed the right procedure /admin/hardware drivers/ no luck tried to change desktop visual effects it timed out trying to install driver.

Please do not respond with a "simple" explanation of a workaround or tell me what I am doing wrong.
Yes you are. You ignore sticky threads and give no information which would help us supporting you. And with a 50% chance the problem is also PEBCAK.

> I AM NOT SOME NEWB, I routinely edit the Windows registry, I know what a 'hive' is.
So, regarding to Linux you are a newbie. Why do you think that knowledge of other operating systems (and not fundamental knowledge either, but rather usage related things I guess) would help you with a totally different system?

In fact, regarding to what you wrote I'd say you are a newbie in general, as you admit to not even know the command to change a directory, which is the same on all Unixoid systems I know plus the same as in windows ... quite a shame. And by throwing around technical vocabulary (or at least what you think technical vocabulary is) you are not impressing anyone.

I am trying to install the Nvidia drivers on a very normal mainstream system. I don't care any more about installing the GD driver. I will wait until this supposed easy to install version of Linux is fixed sometime in the next two decades. REPEAT AFTER ME, WE DON'T WANT A F-ing WORKAROUND WE WANT IT TO WORK>
It works for thousands of people, without workarounds. Including me, that is.

Also what is the point of posting some "solution" and leaving out some key step, like type
STEP 3: Install
Type "sh" to install the driver.

and then conveniently leaving out some command about changing directories or whatever needs to be done prior to this command working. DIP-Shxt says, "Well everyone knows that......" Well DIP-shxt everyone doesn't know that do they, if everyone knew that then it would not be a problem?
First of all: RTFM.

There you have the commands to change a directory.

Then: RTFM again:

You should not, and don't have to, install the driver manually in Ubuntu. Even if the GUI Option fails, you can still use the package management. And if that doesn't work, don't blame nvidia. It's not their thing. And they can't make a different procedure for the dozens of distributions doing things totally different out there.

To summarize: You ignore sticky threads which you should read in case of problems. You don't read manuals, and think that you can live without them in a new environment you don't know anything about. Then you shout at people probably not even responsible for your problem, and maybe even think that you'll get support.

As you like car analogies, I sure hope you do things differently when you just bought a new car you don't know nothing about.

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