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Default Re: Can't set the resolution of 1366x768


I've got just the same problem with my GeForce FX5500 and brand new Kubuntu 9.04, using a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L 3190T as my display:
I can set resolutions like 1360x768 and 1368x768, but there's no way to get 1366x768 working. This is really annoying, as the screen is never 100% sharp with those resolution values.

Is there any possibility to adjust the driver so I can use this resolution (it's the native res. of my display)? I'm using driver version 173.14.18, the newest one from the NVIDIA website - will this feature perhaps be added in future versions of this driver?

I already tried adding some modelines to my xorg.conf, but without success (except that I'm now able to choose the 1368 one). Is it really true, that the resolution value must be a multiple of 8?

Windows XP hasn't got any problems with offering the native display resolution, so I guess this must be some driver issue. Any ideas?

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