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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

Well, solving a problem isn't possible with people who can't replicate it. No offense, but looking at many of the GTX 295 benchmarks on youtube you can clearly see the microstutter problem. Whether you crank your card up to max resolution to expose the problem is another issue.

Outside of the realm of your personal experiences I see few GTX 295 cards being sold on the internet now. They have been effectively yanked by newegg. Set as discontinued. Apparently, there aren't enough people out there that haven't seen the issue to make it profitable.

Can an Nvidia representative comment on this? Is it a design flaw, and if so when will it be corrected. The market has already corrected for it. I'm hoping that the issue will be acknowledged and corrected on Nvidia's part.

While the frame rates are excellent with the 295, that doesn't mean squat if it's flapping all over the place. I am concerned with this because I am in the market. And the problems are:

A. Microstutter
B. Heat
C. Mysteriously pulled/no availability after it was once available
D. No Nvidia acknowledgment on the issues above

That's it. While I appreciate that some folks don't have issues at this game on that resolution, that isn't good enough. When coughing up a grand, it better work as well or better than a $100 card. Don't take this as a personal affront on your coolness or lack thereof. That isn't what this is about. It's an investment, and if it's broke I need to know how it's going to be resolved.
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