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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

Originally Posted by Thoreau View Post
That's it. While I appreciate that some folks don't have issues at this game on that resolution, that isn't good enough. When coughing up a grand, it better work as well or better than a $100 card. Don't take this as a personal affront on your coolness or lack thereof. That isn't what this is about. It's an investment, and if it's broke I need to know how it's going to be resolved.
If a couple Youtube videos have you that scared versus the many folks (myself included) who aren't experiencing any issues like this, then buy something else. It's no skin off anyone's rear end what you choose to do with your money or not. We can only speak from what we personally have experienced. If it would make you feel more comfortable going with a GTX 285 SLI setup or a Radeon 4870 x2 Crossfire, then by all means do it.
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